Our mission is to create potential for wholeness in healing with those experiencing the impact of trauma.

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I C THAT was formed by Baltimore Mediation Founder, Louise Phipps Senft, following her son Archer’s experience with Spinal Cord Injury crisis and quadriplegia, and in response to Blink of an Eye Podcast listeners who expressed a strong desire to know more about trauma and trauma healing. 

I C THAT strives to be a Spinal Cord Injury national resource for families and medical teams in the first hours of injury by mobilizing a national pool of top SCI specialist doctors to provide second opinions to hospitals and families across the US and a multidisciplinary medical-emotional-spiritual trauma support team for families 24-7 during the first 30 days from injury helping them navigate through their crisis and upside-down lives in the ICU into the next chapters of survival and recovery.

Our Programs

I C THAT is a proud sponsor of the riveting “Blink of an Eye” podcast which seamlessly integrates live interviews of those behind the scenes in the community and hospitals with personal accounts of overcoming tremendous challenges. Each episode has the story-telling appeal of an old-time radio show mixed with practical tips for individuals, families, and communities on the path of healing. Many of these Trauma Healing Learnings and personal development tips are also premised in relational conflict theory, somatic Healing, and transformative mediation approaches which Louise has been teaching for 29 years in her Mediation and Conflict Transformation Skills trainings.

  • Blink of an Eye, a new podcast with Louise Phipps Senft, explores stories of trauma, loss, awakening, and epiphanies. Ms. Senft recounts her experience navigating a life-changing accident that rendered her son, Archer, paralyzed from the neck on down, and expands the story with interviews of those behind the scene. Told through real journal entries and inspiring guests, Blink of an Eye will inspire you to explore the true nature of our relationships and interconnectedness in the face of an event that changes everything.

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The Integrative Center for Trauma Healing, Advocacy & Transformation is a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization. We count on your generous donations to fund the Spinal Cord Advocacy Team and our Hope and Trauma Healing Education Program.

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Virtual Conference

Science of Trauma: The Potential for Trauma Healing

Featuring the nationally recognized Dr. Babak Kateb and Dr. Dan Seigel


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