The Integrative Center for Trauma Healing, Advocacy & Transformation is a 501 (c) (3) Nonprofit Organization.

I C THAT non-profit was formed in response to Louise’s and her son Archer’s experience with crisis and quadriplegia, and to the listeners of Blink of an Eye Podcast who expressed a strong desire to know more about trauma and trauma healing. Louise and I C THAT want to educate about the experience of trauma and the potential for trauma healing while also helping other Spinal Cord Injured families navigate their upside-down lives in the ICU and rehabilitation in the first 30 days from injury.

I C THAT is a proud sponsor of the riveting Blink of an Eye podcast which seamlessly integrates live interviews of those behind the scenes in the community and hospitals with personal accounts of overcoming tremendous challenges. Each episode has the story-telling appeal of an old-time radio show mixed with practical tips for individuals, families, and communities on the path of healing. LINK Many of these Trauma Healing Learnings and personal development tips are also premised in relational conflict theory, somatic Healing, and transformative mediation approaches LINK which Louise has been teaching for 29 years in her Mediation and Conflict Transformation Skills trainings.

  • I C THAT is forming a national pool of SCI radiologists for second opinions in the first 12 hours from injury since our belief is that the standard pins and plates neck stabilization may not be the most optimal response if the spine is not shattered and there remains adequate blood flow.
  • I C THAT is calling out and inviting all those who have recovered from an SCI to be part of the National Registry of Medically Unexpected SCI Recoveries to lend new understandings and potential changes to the current state of medical response.
  • I C THAT is the proud sponsor of the international virtual conference The Science of Trauma: the Potential for Healing.
  • I C THAT is providing these trauma healing learnings, and new medical learnings bundled together in the I C THAT Advocacy and Support Team for SCI Families in crisis in the first 30 days which also includes emotional, mental and spiritual support through 1:1 and triage teamwork.
  • I C THAT will be offering training programs for medical professionals in ICU’s and how to working with SCI and other medical trauma in more trauma informed ways that promote healing for both the patient and patient’s family, and which promote healing of secondary trauma for medical staff.