Welcome to I C THAT

I C THAT non-profit was formed in response to Louise’s and her son Archer’s experience with crisis and quadriplegia, and to the listeners of Blink of an Eye Podcast who expressed a strong desire to know more about trauma and trauma healing.  Louise and I C THAT want to educate about the experience of trauma and the potential for trauma healing while also helping other Spinal Cord Injured families navigate their upside-down lives in the ICU and rehabilitation in the first 30 days from injury.

While the impact that comes about from trauma changes our lives in the Blink of an Eye, we can convert these experiences into healing and health with a focus on how we heal the body with our thoughts and how we make relational decisions, including through Advocacy for what is possible, alongside experiencing newfound hope and epiphanies when we more fully understand the ongoing and multilayered trauma experience.